There is no reason to deny the great challenges involved in being a first mover. The pioneers always take the greatest risks. But it is also they who find the path forward: by defying conventions through the belief that anything is possible. 

When we started our business, we soon realized the downsides of the global fashion industry. We realized then, and we still see now, the devastating effects that the conventional fashion industry has on the environment, wildlife, and all the people who depend on it for their livelihood. This is something we can never accept. We have made our choice, and let us say it clearly – we have opted out of the ‘conventional’. The more we see the consequences of it, the clearer the logic is in our choice.

We decided early on that our business model should be characterized by a different way of thinking. A different way to relate to the industry, to the farmers, the producers, and the consumers. This resulted in a unique set of values based on respect and a relentless desire to always move forward, gain knowledge, develop new ideas and take our concepts further. We have proven that it is possible and we have seen the difference that it makes.

More and more people think like we do. At least among our partners and consumers. Unfortunately, the fashion industry is sluggish and conservative. But we are confident that those who do not stand up and show responsibility will soon lie down and face the consequences. 

As a clothing company we cannot change the world alone. But we’re determined to be a game changer in our own business. Thank you for being our friend and ally on this crucial journey.

Thank you for encouraging us to lead the way.